Store Location

  • 35 W Normantown Rd Romeoville, IL 60446
  • (815) 293-6948

Store Policy

We, Xpress Cellfixers stand behind our service and offer a 120 day warranty including part(s) and labor for any electronic repair except water and physical damage.  Please note that all cell phones or any electronic devices repaired at Xpress Cellfixers are considered not-fully-functional units. Some devices with physical damage appear to function normally and be repairable; however, there may be other hidden problems or further damage that are beyond observation or repair conditions.  Besides, during the repair process, a certain component, flex cables, and IC chips fall apart, or the circuit board and main LCD screen may break down. It may be possible that your unit will no longer work after an attempt repair. All personal data, pictures, contacts, music, and other related data may be lost during the repairing process. By acquiring the repair service, you acknowledge that you understand the nature of cell phone & electronic repairs and agree with our store policy as following:           

      i. Some devices can be self-defective, and they may not work properly after attempting to repair it.            

     ii. Cracked screen repair only may not be 100% as perfect as the original screen because of the possible damage during the process of removing broken glass and replacing new screen.                                              

   iii. Computers with virus removal won’t have warranty due to the aggressive spywares and virus available on the web.                                                                                                                                                                  

 iv. Warranty applies only to the particular repairs and replacement parts that are done at our shop                

 v. In no event will Xpress Cellfixers entire liability exceed the purchased price of this service.  In fact, Xpress Cellfixers shall not be liable for any incidental damage during the repair process including but not limited to lost revenues, lost profits, damage of property, or any third-party claims. vi. Unpaid device(s) will be recycled after 30 day if customer(s) doesn’t pick up.